Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winnie's Whereabouts

After reading Winnie's latest letter, I think that she must have gone to visit Queerditch Marsh - the site of the first recorded Quidditch game. She also dropped by Appleby in North Lincolnshire. She didn't stay there long though; there's nothing to do. Too bad she didn't get to meet up with Cyprian Youdle; he was off at a ghost convention.

I still don't know what the mysterious bold letters in letters mean. Last week it was C L R C S L. This week the letters are D N T

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shuntbumping round 2...

did not go so well.
Waverly Trimble of the Arrows beat me. She did a fantastic job on her blue fingerless mitts.
I was so close though, see:

My sis, Intarsia seems to have won her crochet round. So next week I'll be cheering her on in round 3.
Go Wanderers!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where is Winnie?

According to her last letter I think she stopped in Dunedin in New Zealand to check out Larnach castle.
After that, it sure sounds like she will be traveling to a sugar shack in Canada, but which one...maybe one near Montreal? I don't believe Montreal was once 3 cities that merged into one though.
It sounds like she is really on a whirlwind of a tour.
Have fun Winnie!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Phew what a crazy week

I've been getting ready for Quidditch season, but ugh got derailed with my training this week.
Finally got in touch with my spoilee Saraid Swiftrunner (sorry I was MIA earlier this week). Saraid has the coolest wish list ever! She did a flow chart - love it!
I'm also really excited to be spoiled by Cassandra Grubbly-Plank! She & I shared a cabin for summer camp & I fell in love with all of her projects!
Can't wait for the first match. Go Wanderers!!

Quidditch Assignment 1

Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one).
Minverva Lovegood (knits & needle felts)

Someone who was born in the same month.
Siobhan Mooney - December!

Someone from a different country.
Hermione Bagnold

A new HSKS Quidditch player.
my spoilee Saraid Swiftrunner!

A player who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps.
Olive Bumblebirch

A player who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so!)
Fleur Sweeting

A player who both knits and crochets.
Emma Gorodok

Someone who has the same favorite color as you.
Intarsia Bindoff - Blue