Monday, November 29, 2010

Owls are flying!

All of the kits should be soaring through the air or have already landed for HSKS 12. I've sent Gryphon the Great's kit & I can't wait to see what he thinks.

Another great term has come to an end & we will be taking a brief pause until Spring (which works out really well for me actually - I was afraid I was going to have to skip next term).
What will I be doing from now until Spring? Well, I have about a million projects that have been long neglected. A certain baby blanket that is the never-to-be-finished-because-i-keep-refusing-to-work-on-it phase is a must! A pair of gloves started last winter for my sister must be finished before this winter is over! And a few other projects that I've had planned must be not only started but completed.
Oooooh & I've finally learned to make...x.... Remembered I can't say because I would spoil some of Gryphon's surprise. But once he gets his kit I will post pictures of this new skill I'm working on. So needless to say, I'd like to do a lot more of___x___.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 9 quiz

To which prison was Gellert Grindelwald sent after he was defeated by Dumbledore in 1945? Nurmengard

Who is the first casualty in The Deathly Hallows? Professor Charity Burbage

What does Draco Malfoy name his son? Scorpious Hyperion Malfoy

Before Harry gains control of it, who is the master of the Elder Wand? Draco Malfoy

Severus Snape’s Patronus takes the same form as which other character’s? Lily Potter

Where do Ron, Hermione and Harry apparate when Death Eaters invade Bill and Fleur’s wedding? Tottenham Court Road

Who does Harry send to search for Mundungus Fletcher and the missing locket? Kreacher

Who destroys Salazar Slytherin’s locket? Ron

What does Hermione use to destroy Helga Hufflepuff’s cup? Basilisk fang

Following the death of Lord Voldemort, who is named temporary Minister of Magic? Kingsley Shacklebolt

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anagram Fun

These were a bit tricky!
  1. SPARSE VENUES - Severus Snape
  2. GO UNLOAD LOVE - Luna Lovegood
  3. A MOTH SEDAN - Dean Thomas
  4. FLUSH CIGAR - Argus Filch
  5. SLICK AIRBUS - Sirius Black
  6. DUMB ANALOG - Ludo Bagman
  7. A DRY MOO-CALF - Draco Malfoy
  8. UNSNAP THE SKI - Stan Shunpike
  9. PIT-A-PAT RIVAL - Parvati Patil
  10. AN OLD JEER - Lee Jordan