Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Kit from Fleur!!!! It's here!!

I got the most wonderful kit from Fleur yesterday!! Here are the pictures because words just won't do it justice. I love, love, love it all!

my kit arrived with a lovely note from fleur

to represent slytherin's locket she made me a beautiful blue cowl! i love it!
This cute bag w/Harry on it had so many goodies inside

stitch markers & a row counter bracelet, a cable needle, scissors & tape measure (attached to each other!), chocolates, a cute pin that says "behave or i will felt you" haha
and a green chibi

close up of the bracelet & stitch markers
so pretty & in ravenclaw colors! made with resurrection stones to represent gaunt's ring

close up (sort of) of the behave or i will felt you button
my yarn in beautiful blue colors for the stephen west pattern clockwork (another locket horcrux which is not pictured but that's the one fleur sent!) i can't wait, it will be my first stephen west pattern!

kitchener stitch dogtag! i've wanted one of these for a while

my beautiful wand!! aka a shawl pin :)

frog legs &
bat brains! to lure nagini from hiding. haha

fleur also sent a box of peppermint cocoa which i am about to make! i was too excited looking through the package that i didn't get a photo of the hot cocoa.

fleur thank you so much! i love everything & enjoyed having you as my spoiler for HSKS 12!!
thank you!!


  1. So glad you like it!!!

    I live Steven West patterns. There so simple and so beautiful. :) Hope you enjoy it all!

  2. Wow wonderful kit. Yarn is gorgeous and so is the shawl pin! You should wear the cowl tonight so I can see it.